Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Hindustan Homes?

As a Property Conultants we have the industry knowledge about the current trends, builders profile and the project scope, this information is what we feel is vital for your dream home search.

Any Assistance In Final Negotiations?

We understand the final negotiations is quite tricky when it happens between the buyer and the builder. This is the moment we put in all our expertise and speak to builder on your behalf and give you a deal that you be happy about.

What Is The Cost For Property Consultation Service?

We are glad to inform you that we do not charge a dime or a penny for our consultation, This service is absolutely free of cost and doesn't have any terms and conditions.

Why Is A Property Consultant Needed?

We Encourage you to make the most intelligent decision as we give you an unbiased opinion about The property you choose, we advise based on builder’s profile, documentations, and further the future and the scope of the project.

Assistance With Documentation?

We certainly provide all the assistance that’s required in the ever-changing system in terms of banking and government alike. We will ensure this process is as smooth as possible for you.

Is Hindustan Homes Trust Worthy?

Well, we have several accolades from the renowned builders for our stellar hard work and equally satisfied customers, know more

What Makes Hindustan Homes diffrent from the other Property consultants?

We have a market presence since 10 years and we have applied the knowledge to make sure we give the customer a smooth home buying journey. to start off with we get the requirements right. know more