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COVID19 – Will This Be The Right Time To Invest In Real Estate?

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Buying New Property During Covid 19
Covid 19

If the above is a question that you are tackling right now?

Be assured that this is definitely the right time to invest in your dream home. COVID 19 – Second wave has impacted positively on the house cap rates\ratio all over India which is about 8-9% of major financial institutions and banks alike have decreased the rates.

Choosing the best builders in the market based on the project completion rate & trustworthiness or to be specific investing in project that are currently in the READY TO MOVE IN status will be a wise decision to make as you will see your investment grow exponentially in the upcoming years. If your are considering investing in property for Rental purpose or income it does have an advantage as its locked at 2.5%. To summarize investing in your dream home in the current COVID19 situation would be a wise decision to take.

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