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Top 5 Trends Defining Luxury Real Estate in India – Post Covid 19

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

With Covid Vaccine bringing a positive hope across the country and total vaccination count has crossed 227,860,317 doses overall as on 4 June 2021.

Luxury home buyers are moving towards reputed developers and the same is reflecting with the developers are they are repositioning themselves to cater this need. This year is now turning out to be new home buyers’ market, where they now feel protected and also experience the luxury the address, they stay in has to offer.

Home buyers are now looking for more reliable, sustainable real estate that also reflects luxury. The top 5 trends defining them are

1. Trend of Work from Home - : As remote work becomes the new normal, new home buyers are looking for dedicated workstation within their homes.

2. Strategic Location: With new infrastructure development in various locations of the city the builders have strategically focused on ultra-premium projects.

3. Customized Living Space: New home buyers are now expecting more features and prefer resort like living experience, private gardens, pet friendly neighborhood, Clubhouse and so on.

4. Sense of Belonging: Buyers are now looking for a place where they can engage & collaborate with likeminded people, developers are now designing spaces that will nurture communities.

5. Live Work & Play: Is the new holistic approach, where buyers prefer an indulgent lifestyle from fine- dining, wellbeing zones, splendid clubhouse, fitness & retreat centers.

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