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Villas In Sarjapur Road

Sarjapura or Sarjapur is a well developing area in Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, with in the Anekal Taluk, coordinates 12.860°N 77.786°E, the adjacent areas are Attibele, Chandapura, Electronic City & Jigini.

The location of Sarjapur is a key factor as its situated within close range to most of the IT hubs in Bangalore and this is the primary reason why the area is now sprawling with great residential projects to cater to niche mass of Bangalore from IT sector, entrepreneur and for people who are looking for a property as an Investment, We have complied a list of best villa projects across sarjapur.

1. 42 Queen Square

A villa property designed with creature comforts that will ensure you stay fit and relaxed, creating a fabulous atmosphere is the key goal of this project for family and socializing alike. The villa property is strategically located and can be easily accessed. Prominent IT hubs are conveniently located, The villas have state of the art amenities, nestled among ample green space. The Villas are the go-to choice for all those who long for a resplendent lifestyle. Highly accessible yet far removed from the dust and din, this is the perfect avenue for convenient urban living.

2. Nambiar Bellezea

Nambiar Builders has been remarkable since its inception in the real estate industry. One of its residential layout namely Nambiar Bellezea at Sarjapur road, Bangalore, the property is set to provide you residential spaces of dissimilar configurations in the real time. This group is incorporated of innumerable innovative designs of residential segment, in alternate suburbs of Silicon Valley. This destination of multiple enormous business houses or trades is now on to take over the market in terms of real estate. Bangalore real estate has been achieving success in the context of growth and development.

3. Nambiar Elleganza

A life beyond four walls an Unrestricted living with elegant villas, which are contemporary design based and with exceptional amenities that foster an elegant taste to satisfy the elite lifestyle and the grater quest for happiness. Set in prominent location off sarjapur road, with best amenities and a world class gym, with landscape gardens an amphitheater for activities, kids play area, tennis court, skating court and elders corner. Live the elite life at Nambiar Ellegenza.

4. Adarsh Sanctuary

Hidden amongst the dense greenery of South East Bangalore, Adarsh Sanctuary being one of the few properties easily accessible from the 3 IT hubs of Bangalore - Whitefield, Marathahalli, Outer ring road and Electronic city. The natural teak grove that entwines into the township of 172 villas offering residents an enthralling scenery wherever their eyes fixate upon. Villas embellished with premium décor offering luxurious and grand comforts for the inhabitants of the Sanctuary. If this isn’t the epitome of pampering, the various facilities and amenities that the Sanctuary boasts are so vast, it has to be branched into indoor and outdoor. Meditation plaza, fragrant gardens, adventurous play park, tree house, yoga center and health club and spa are few of them from the long list of options. Luxury, tranquility, greenery and beauty. This township checks all these boxes.

5. Assets Leaves and lives

Assets Leaves and lives lies amidst Tall, stately and stunning, 150 trees invite you to step into a green haven like no other. At Leaves & Lives, 79 Luxury 3 & 4 BHK Row Houses play hide and seek with lush wilderness right in the midst of the busy city. Leaves & Lives is an exquisite property spread across 6.1 acres and is part of a 26-acre sustainable township (63˚ East). Wind down, unplug and recharge in your home just like you would during a holiday, surrounded by the gentle rustling of the leaves and listening to the pulse of nature herself Be a part of nature and elite living

6. NVT Arcot Vaksana

A residential Villa project by NVT Quality Lifestyle in the rapidly expanding neighborhood of Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. The residential enclave NVT Arcot Vaksana features the very best in NVT Quality Lifestyle luxury segment. The project offers spacious Villas with luxurious features. Beautiful landscapes all around NVT Arcot Vaksana makes it more special & Elite. The builder is guaranteed to bring a quality living experience to the community of Sarjapur Road with brilliant architecture and equivalent lifestyle in NVT Arcot Vaksana. Amenities at NVT Arcot Vaksana include a fully equipped clubhouse, landscaped gardens, gymnasium, swimming pool, recreation rooms, outdoor sports courts, children’s play area, party hall, and meticulously planned with utmost importance to state-of-the-art 24/7 securities.

7. Shilpa Dacha

Shilpa DACHA is a Russian Seasonal nestled in a countryside estate Providing a much needed retreat, A self contained lifestyle community built with only 27 villas with bespoke centrally airconditioned Dachas, with private gardens, a large clubhouse and the fineries of "Russian Dacha" lifestyle for the most discerning Indian Families. The villas is equipped with family lounges, a dedicated home theatre and connected large terrace and 2 covered parking, the plots are East facing.

8. 42 Marq One

Designed for Mindful living There's something beautiful about the living a mindful life. Its all about being aware of everything and everyone around you; of living with a sense of responsibility towards nature and in complete harmony with it. It involves not just thinking evolved thoughts but also actions that reflect it . Life at Mark one is designed around the philosophy of 'giving back'. Life here is about a profound sense of peace, joy and contentment that comes from living the right way and doing the right things. Each villa is conceived to be a luxurious cocoon that inspires mindful living in subtle ways. Whether it’s perfectly placed skylights for ‘all day’ natural illumination or walk-in wardrobes that offer both convenience and privacy: Roof top gardens: large windows for optimal cross ventilation or a provision for an extra bedroom… your home at 42 Mark One comes with details that will be appreciated by those who recognize the power of conscious design.

9. Casagrand Florella

Casagrand Florella is the new residential Villa project by Casagrand Builders, The residential enclave, Casagrand Florella features the very best in Casagrand Builders’ luxury living segment. Beautiful landscapes all around Casagrand Florella with 65% open spaces in the project and over 40% open spaces and private landscaped gardens in each villa make it more special & Elite. The builder is guaranteed to bring a quality living experience and 100% Vaastu compliant smart villas to the community of Sarjapur-Attibele Road with brilliant Balinese architecture and an equivalent lifestyle, The Location has excellent connectivity & it is located just off Sarjapur – Attibele Road near Sarjapura Some of the 40+ Amenities at this property include a fully equipped clubhouse, landscaped gardens, conference hall, swimming pool, recreation rooms, outdoor sports courts, children’s play area, party hall, and meticulously planned with utmost importance to state-of-the-art 24/7 securities.

10. LGCL New Life

Inspired by the principles and aesthetics of traditional Balinese architecture, this novel venture promises you your own slice of paradise. Located just o­ Sarjapur Road, LGCL New Life is a respite from the raucous, polluted and busy city life with its lush green landscapes, graceful water bodies and captivating design A serene and secluded community forms the premise for 108 exquisite yet eco-friendly villas. Gently sloping roofs gorgeously bedeck the façade. The villas truly come alive as endless supply of natural light, owing to their lattice bedrooms and a family space account for most of the anatomy of every villa. Such is the design of the villas that the periphery separating the inside from the outside seems virtually non-existent. An unobstructed view of the starry skies greets you as you step onto your very own private terrace. Design, illuminates the interiors.

11. RBD Stillwater

Apartment has world class features and facilities which will to upgrade your standards of living. The concept of a Private Residence is unique to RBD Stillwater’s. Unlike a conventional villa development, it is not merely a line of houses set close together with absolutely no thought given to one’s privacy. The property is well designed to admits serene green landscape designed for living with the nature and pamper your senses. Another major distinction is that at RBD Stillwater’s, you own your individual plot, not like gated communities where you only own undivided share of land.

To Summarize, There are various options for villas available in and around Sarjapur locality that will suit your budget and your needs, we hope the above list will be useful to make a property buying decision, if you have any specific requirements please fill in the form here and we can address the same. We are happy to be a part of your new home buying journey.

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